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CASA of the 18th Judicial District Court Launches, Achieving Full Statewide Coverage in Louisiana

Louisiana Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) proudly announces the establishment of the newest CASA program: CASA of the 18th Judicial District Court. This launch, accompanied by the appointment of Kendall Hebert as Executive Director, extends CASA’s footprint to encompass all 64 parishes in Louisiana, achieving 100% statewide coverage.

Formation and New Leadership

With meticulous planning and a committed steering committee, CASA of the 18th Judicial District Court has received official recognition as a 501(c)(3) organization and full membership from National CASA/GAL, and is now ready to serve the children in Iberville, Pointe Coupee, and West Baton Rouge parishes. The vision for this expansion was conceived and nurtured by Kathleen Richey, the previous Executive Director of Louisiana CASA, who worked closely with the steering committee to make this program a reality. "Kathleen's foresight and collaboration have been invaluable in bringing this program to fruition," said Amanda Moody, the current Executive Director of Louisiana CASA.

The steering committee unanimously named West Baton Rouge native Kendall (Coye) Hebert as the organization’s executive director. Hebert has more than 20 years of experience in public relations and communications and brings a wealth of knowledge of nonprofit leadership and community service to the organization. “I’m excited and honored to serve in this capacity to lead an organization that will make a profound impact in the lives of local children in need and their volunteer advocates,” said Hebert. “I am beyond grateful to have this opportunity to rejoin the nonprofit sector where I feel I can make a difference in our community.”

Special thanks to the initial steering committee who worked tirelessly to make this organization come to fruition. Members included: Kathleen Richey, Claudia Bourgeois, Bridget Easley, Melanie Cloutare, Sarah Giroir, Courtney Alvarez, Reba Riddle, Brock Vosburg, Dana Larpenteur, Glenda Kimball, Kylee Champagne, Mark Ward, and Julie Distefano.

Achieving Full Coverage in Louisiana

With this pivotal addition, CASA now extends its reach to all corners of Louisiana. "The formation of CASA in the 18th Judicial District marks a monumental milestone. Every child in our state, irrespective of their parish, can now have access to the advocacy and support they deserve," said Moody.

Celebrations and Future Plans

Further media announcements and celebratory events are planned for the coming months to commemorate the achievement of 100% geographical coverage in Louisiana. "This is just the beginning. We will be sharing more updates and celebrating this significant achievement with our communities statewide," added Moody.

Contact for More Information

To learn more about CASA's achievement of reaching 100% geographical coverage, please contact Louisiana CASA at

If you are interested in becoming a CASA volunteer for CASA of the 18th JDC, please contact or visit


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