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Celebrating Black Leadership and Legacy in the Louisiana CASA Network

As we step into Black History Month, it's a time to celebrate and honor the contributions of Black leaders who have profoundly influenced our community, particularly in child welfare and social justice. While it’s important to remember and reflect on the impact of the remarkable leaders and trailblazers from the past who paved the way for positive change, we also want to take a moment to recognize and honor the exceptional Black leaders who currently serve within our own Louisiana CASA network.

Leadership is about impact, vision, and dedication, and these qualities are exemplified in the work of our directors, who guide our local programs and advocate passionately for the children we serve. Of the 18 local CASA programs across Louisiana, 6 are led by dynamic and inspiring Black Executive and Program Directors who, among their peers, have shown remarkable dedication and insight in their roles. Together, they represent over 65 years of experience in the CASA network. These leaders have not only championed the cause of children in the foster care system but have also played a vital role in shaping our organization to be more inclusive, empathetic, and effective.

Each of these directors brings a wealth of experience, a story of perseverance, a record of advocacy, unique perspectives, and deep commitment to child advocacy. Their roles in our organization go beyond the day-to-day management—they are mentors, visionaries, and agents of change, both within CASA and the broader community.

As we celebrate their accomplishments, we are reminded of the importance of leadership that reflects the diversity of our community. Their individual and collective achievements encourage us to continually strive for a future where every child is supported and empowered.

Thank you to our exceptional Black leaders for their unwavering commitment to our CASA family and their continued support and dedication to the children of Louisiana.

Patricia Alicia, CASA Program Director of Volunteers for Youth Justice
Wendy Magee , Executive Director of CASA Jefferson
Tommy Edwards, Executive Director of CASA of West CENLA

Lakisha Penn, CASA Program Director of Child Advocacy Services
Kade Turner, Executive Director of CASA of SOLA
Madelyn Rosette, Executive Director of CASA St. Landry-Evangeline


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