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Amanda Moody
Feb 04, 2022
In General Discussion
Hi CASA Network! I received an email today from an advocate supervisor in the network who would love some feedback from the group about how other programs are assessing potential volunteers. Here is her question: "I am still learning the process of recruiting, interviewing, assessments, background, etc. and during our training last night I commented to our program director that I was surprised that we didn’t include a mental health assessment of some kind for our potential advocates. This lead to a conversation about what our process is compared to other CASA programs. Since we have a dedicated recruitment person, as staff we do not typically get involved until training. We were mainly curious as to what the interview process looks like (one round or several rounds) and any assessment tools or resources used, other than the required background checks." We would love for our network around the state to provide any advice, tips, processes, ideas, resources, etc. that you may have to help.

Amanda Moody

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