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Youth Transition

Preparing Foster Youth for the Future

Transitioning to adulthood and independence is exciting for every youth but can also be daunting and uncertain. This checklist is designed as a guide to identify the youth's assists and anticipate the challenges they will face transitioning into adulthood. Transition planning should be regularly revisited and revised and directed by the youth. 

Louisiana CASA has developed a Transition Planning & Support Checklist to help CASA volunteers create a successful transition plan for their CASA youth. Use this checklist to keep track of the things your youth has already established and what else needs to be done. 

Included in the Transition Planning & Support Checklist is a page dedicated to meeting dates and notes. Set up meeting times to ensure that your CASA youth is regularly checking-in and on the path towards success.

2022 YTP Training

Below you will find the slides from the 2022 YTP Training hosted by Louisiana CASA. Kathleen Stewart Richey and Kayana "Keedy" Bradley go over the purpose of YTP, what to include in a plan, and additional resources.

Additional Resources

Youth Transition Planning Resources

Education Resources

Career Resources

Housing Resources

  • Legal Issues: In Becoming an Adult the Louisiana State Bar Association answers general legal questions for youth on the rights and responsibilities of becoming an adult

  • DCFS Youth Links: General information on services available to youth transitioning out of foster care

DCFS Policy

General Resources

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