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Help advocate for Louisiana
youth in foster care

For 30 years, Louisiana CASA has advocated for the abused, the neglected, and the youth navigating the complexities of foster care. These children need more than sympathy; they need champions. Your support at this crucial time can be the lifeline they desperately seek. At CASA, we believe in the power of collective action to reshape the narratives of young lives. Together, let's transform lives and build a future where every child feels seen, heard, and protected.

Make an Immediate Impact

Make an immediate impact with a one-time donation. Your generosity allows us to continue advocating for the welfare of children across Louisiana. Every contribution counts, bringing us one step closer to ensuring that every child has a safe, nurturing, and permanent home.

One Time Donation


Ensure a Lasting Impact with the Partners of Hope

Ensure a lasting impact by becoming a monthly donor and joining our Partners of Hope. Your recurring contribution provides a consistent source of support, allowing us to plan and implement long-term initiatives. By choosing to give monthly, you become a steady advocate for the children we serve. Join our community of sustaining donors and make a difference month after month.




Every month

Personalized Welcome Package

Recognition on Annual Report

Recognition on Website




Every month

All benefits of Guardian

Exclusive Annual Impact Report

10% discount on CASA merchandise and events




Every month

All benefits of Defender

Recognition in Newsletter & Social Media

Recognition at Annual CASA Banquet




Every month

All benefits of Champion

Personalized Quarterly Updates

Invitation to Annual CASA Banquet


The CASA Shop

Show your support with CASA merchandise! Shop our collection of quality items, knowing that every purchase directly contributes to our cause. Wear your support proudly and help spread awareness. Explore our merchandise store and find the perfect way to support CASA while receiving a token of appreciation in return.



Become a champion for Louisiana CASA! Our communities' support is invaluable, and there are many ways to continue making a difference. Whether it's volunteering your time, spreading awareness, or exploring other ways to get involved, you play a crucial role in our mission. Together, we can create a brighter future for every child. Explore additional opportunities to support below.

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