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Executive Director Questionnaire 

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the statewide network. What areas do you feel you or your program have excelled or been successful in? Are there any areas you feel you have significant expertise or experience that you would love to share with fellow program directors? Please select all that apply. (Don't be shy or humble here. You are amazing! Brag about yourself and program!) 

Areas of Expertise

Anything else that you would like to share about yourself with the other program directors? 

Committee Opportunities: Please choose at least one committee to be a member. 

Legislative Advocacy Team - Focused on legislative advocacy. The committee identifies legislative priorities and develops strategies for building relationships with legislators. 

National CASA Compliance Committee - Focused on developing policy and plan templates, and developing best practices to meet National CASA Standards. Will also monitor Quality Assurance process and promote strategies for successfully navigating the QA process. 

DCFS Relations Committee - Focused on strengthening relationships with DCFS. Will develop strategies for addressing issues in working with DCFS. 

Financial Sustainability Committee - Focused on matters related to common funding sources such as CASA AP, VOCA, National CASA Grants, etc. Will set strategic priorities that will benefit the network, monitor trends in funding allocations, and work to address any challenges/issues with funding sources. 

Conference Committee - Who loves a good party? Help guide the planning for the next CASA Conference. The 2024 Conference will be extra special since it's Louisiana CASA's 30th Anniversary. Help us make this year super special! 

Judicial Advocacy Committee - Focused on developing and strengthening relationships with CASA's primary customer. Develops initiatives to build awareness and support among the broader Judicial network. 

Data & Continuous Quality Improvement Committee - Focused developing best practices for the CASA Core Model and methods of tracking and analyzing the progress. Also guides the roll out of the updated Child Well Being Assessment

Choose a committee:

Thanks for submitting!

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