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Here are the new laws that are now in effect in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, La.Louisiana lawmakers have passed a series of new laws taking effect in the new year. The new laws include a ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors, child support and pet insurance.

See below for each new law taking effect statewide:

  • HB648 - Prohibits certain procedures to alter the sex of a minor child

  • HB337 - Eliminates the minimum child support award in the child support guidelines

  • HB447 - Requires agency referrals of delinquent debt to the office of debt recovery for collection to include certain information

  • HB579 - Provides relative to pet insurance

  • HB279 - Provides relative to conveying by the La. Tax Commission of ad valorem tax assessment information it receives from local assessors

  • HB398 - Requires persons being transported offshore by aircraft to wear life jackets equipped with personal locator beacons

  • HB89 - Provides relative to the collection of certain traffic stop data by law enforcement

  • SB84 - Requires the La. Board of Ethics to send certain communications electronically

  • SB186 - S Provides relative to the Occupational Therapy Licensure Compact

  • HB186 - Provides relative to health insurance coverage for standard fertility preservation services

  • HB411 - Expands the types of investments eligible for the insurance premium tax credit

  • HB468 - Provides relative to utilization review standards and approval procedures for healthcare service claims submitted by healthcare providers

  • SB66 - Provides relative to telehealth services.

  • HB558 - Provides for the collection and remittance of state and local sales and use taxes

  • HB631 - Provides with respect to the sourcing of sales for purposes of calculating Louisiana income

  • HB160 - Provides relative to rights of victims of alleged delinquent acts

To see the language of each law, click here.


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